Porsche Specialists in London

Porsche specialists in London are not as common as you may think and finding a trusted Porsche specialist can take time.  That is why 911 SBD take pride in the quality of service we offer – right from the initial enquiry through to the after-care, you can be assured we’re on hand to look after you and your Porsche.

How you know you’re using a trusted Porsche Specialist in London

It is easy to tell with 911 SBD that you are using a trusted, professional Porsche specialist.  We have a history in Porsche racing, having been involved in both the famous GT Cup and the prestigious Porsche Carrera Cup, which translates well into running a Porsche specialist garage.  When a team has conducted race track trials and worked in the fiercely competitive and stressful environment of a race day, you can be assured that they are the right team to use to look after any problem your Porsche may have.

Setting Porsche specialists in London apart

It isn’t just our experience which sets us apart from other Porsche garages though.  We are more than happy to see you and your Porsche, whenever you’re in the area.  If you have a problem then we can talk to you, but equally, we’ll have a chat even if it is just about Porsche – we are, after all, Porsche lovers just as much as you are.

In-house Porsche specialists means your car never leaves

During any work on your Porsche you can drop by at anytime to see how it is going.  No work gets outsourced and that includes work like engine rebuilds – our team of Porsche specialists in London handle everything in-house.  The dedicated Porsche mechanic will only be too happy to discuss the progress with you, this not only means you know the timeframes involved but also can understand what is happening and why.

Contact 911 SBD today – contact us by phone, online or by social media.  Better yet, pop in with your Porsche and let us review any problems.  We are happy to agree a financial plan which will suit you and your individual needs.

Want to ensure your Porsche is in complete working order?

Get in touch with the experts at 911 SBD on 0208 208 0464 or via our online contact form to make an appointment

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911 SBD

911 SBD is a London based Porsche specialist working in repairs, services and sales.


911 SBD

911 SBD are experts in all things Porsche including sales, repairs, servicing and restoration. Get in touch on 0208 208 0464 or via our contact form.



Our team are experienced experts spending 25 years in the business having been established in 1989.


Thanks to our personalised service you can keep up to date with what is going on with your Porsche whenever you like.


Professionalism is key at 911 SBD and our passion for Porches allows us to offer an unmatched car repair service.

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