Porsche Specialists London: Winter Checks

As Porsche specialists in London, trust us when we say that having winter checks carried out on your car each year is extremely important.

One of the things we always advise to all Porsche owners is to book in for a winter check. Porsche winter checks, carried out by Porsche specialists like us, ensures your car is in tip-top condition to take on the cold and icy months.

Winter Checks on Your Porsche

There are a variety of winter checks that we will carry out on your Porsche; they range from checking the vehicle diagnostics to giving the engine a once over. Your car is checked from top to bottom and any potential issues are found, repaired, and checked.

Regardless of what model your car is, it can benefit from our winter checks. As Porsche specialists in London we are able to repair and service all Porsche models and Porsches of any age. We understand that though similar, each model is different and we know where to focus our attention.

Porsche Specialists in London

The team at 911 SBD is made up of Porsche specialists; though we have different backgrounds and interests, the things we share include:

  • A genuine love and passion for all things Porsche. Whether you have a brand new car or a classic model, you are guaranteed to have a team of mechanics working on it that understand the importance and prestige a Porsche carries.
  • A wealth of skill, experience and knowledge in the vehicle repair industry.
  • A long background in Porsche services, repairs and checks.

Book Your Porsche Winter Check

Book your Porsche winter check today with our Porsche specialists in London – it’s easy! Simply contact us on 0208 208 0464, complete our online contact form or pop in and see us. We are located in NW2, London. Contact our Porsche specialists in London to book your Porsche winter check.

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