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It is fair to say that Porsche drivers treasure their cars.  For many drivers their cars are an extension of their family and because of this, when something goes wrong with their car they want it ‘treated’ by the best.  911 SBD are the premium Porsche specialists in London and as a result, they are the ‘go to’ Porsche garage.

Ignore the Porsche specialists at your cost

Some Porsche drivers take their Porsche cars to just a ‘normal’ garage when they need a service or a problem resolving.  When these drivers are questioned why they have ignored a Porsche specialist garage the answer is normally ‘expense’.  Unfortunately many of the drivers regret their decision when they find their car has been ‘outsourced’ to a Porsche specialist by the very garage they took it into.  Essentially what this means is that the driver is paying for two companies’ margins – the initial garage and the Porsche garage that ended up doing the work.

911 SBD are the Porsche specialists in London with a difference

911 SBD are Porsche specialists in London and operate slightly differently to many other Porsche specialists in London.  Firstly, they do not send your car away for repair.  Even for something as complicated as an engine rebuild, it remains in-house – largely due to 911 SBD’s experience in racing Porsches resulting in retaining expert knowledge in their team, meaning even the most complicated repairs are undertaken on site.   Not only does this give you complete peace of mind that your individual mechanic will always know the progress on your car but also, it means at any time you want to see your car, you can pop in and do so.

Porsche specialists in London will work with you to get you on the road again

And of course, there is the cost.  As highlighted, with 911 SBD because they are Porsche specialists in London they don’t send the car away.  This means you know when you are quoted a price by them that it reflects the work that they will conduct on your car and does not include another garage’s margin.  Because 911 SBD have complete control over the finances it means quotes can be tailored made for your car and your own financial situation.  911 SBD will advise you what needs doing and explain the reasons behind your quote.  This will allow you to decide what to do and after all, you’re in control when you drive your Porsche so why shouldn’t you be in control when it is being repaired also?

Want to ensure your Porsche is in complete working order?

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911 SBD

911 SBD is a London based Porsche specialist working in repairs, services and sales.


911 SBD

911 SBD are experts in all things Porsche including sales, repairs, servicing and restoration. Get in touch on 0208 208 0464 or via our contact form.



Our team are experienced experts spending 25 years in the business having been established in 1989.


Thanks to our personalised service you can keep up to date with what is going on with your Porsche whenever you like.


Professionalism is key at 911 SBD and our passion for Porches allows us to offer an unmatched car repair service.

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