Porsche Services in London: Porsche Engine Rebuild

If your current vehicle’s engine isn’t living up to what you hoped it would be, the chances are you are considering your options.

Perhaps you are looking into fixing the problem and hoping it doesn’t happen again? Maybe you are leaning towards buying a new Porsche altogether? But then that raises a number of questions about what model you want. Often, a Porsche engine rebuild is the cheapest and best option.

Not all Porsche garages in London will include Porsche engine rebuilds in their services, but as always, at 911 SBD we go the extra mile to ensure all your needs are covered.

Porsche Engine Rebuilds

Engine rebuilds are often overlooked as a viable option, especially when it first seems much easier to trade your car in for a newer model. However, as Porsche fanatics ourselves we know just how attached a person can get to their car. This is where an engine rebuild comes in…

Our mechanics are experienced in rebuilding Porsche engines from scratch, thanks to our varied background in racing and fixing all models of car. Plus, we rebuild everything in-house so you are free to pop in at any time and see how the project is coming along!

Every rebuild is taken on by our skilled team, and each part is completed by an expert in that field. This means that not only is everything completed professionally and to a high standard, a true interest is taken to make sure the entire rebuild goes perfectly – and, it goes without saying, we work to a tight schedule so you won’t be without your Porsche for long.

Book a Porsche Engine Rebuild

If you are interested in a Porsche engine rebuild contact 911 SBD and ask any questions you may have. Contact us today on 0208 208 0464 or book an appointment online.

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