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Hey, you! The chances are you’re a Porsche lover, right? Great, so is everyone at 911 SBD. After all, that is what we specialise in. Now, let us let you into a little secret…

Our 119 point check is what you need to keep your Porsche ahead of the rest.

The 119 Point Check: A New Type of Porsche Servicing

Though we offer minor and major Porsche servicing, we underpin these with our 119 point check to ensure your vehicle is working to its best ability and to leave you reassured in the knowledge that everything has been checked over and confirmed by experts.

Our 119 point check includes:

  • Vehicle History and Maintenance
  • Fluids, Capacities and Battery
  • Lights, Switches and Accessories
  • The Road Test

By focusing on the above four areas of your Porsche, we know our Porsche servicing takes a look at the car from top to bottom. By booking your Porsche in for a 119 point check you receive a number of things including professional and experienced mechanics working on your car, the knowledge that your vehicle is in safe hands as well as honest and straightforward information when it comes to costs and completion times.

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