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There are a multitude of Porsche garages in London, some are official Porsche dealerships while others make up the ranks of the independent Porsche garages.  However, unlike some other Porsche garages in London, 911 SBD has a history with Porsche that few can match and our only focus is on Porsches.

Porsche racing past used in our Porsche Garage in London

With a heritage rich in Porsche racing, including working on numerous successful cars in the GT Cup and Carrera Cup, 911 SBD has a wealth of experience in Porsche car repairs that can only come from working in a race environment.  Instantly being able to analyse the problem and making quick, professional assessment of the problem and solution are just two fundamental principles which we have taken from our time in racing to the service we supply in our Porsche garage in London.

Porsche, Porsche and nothing but Porsche

As we focus solely on servicing Porsches our expertise and knowledge is finely tuned – just like your car will be when it leaves us.  With the very latest in technology at our disposal we always ensure that we maintain up-to-date diagnostic equipment for all the latest fuel, brake, suspension and other electronic management systems that modern Porsches are equipped with.  Of course that is not to say that we don’t work on older Porsches, just have a look at our restoration projects to find out that we cater for all Porsches.

Unique among other Porsche Garages in London

All of the services we offer are done in-house, a source of huge pride for us.  Your beloved Porsche will never leave us so you are always able to get a status update on any repairs being carried out – something not many of the other Porsche garages in London can boast.

So if your Porsche has a ding, a dent, a ‘weird’ noise or it just needs one of our trusted 119-point service, then please contact us.  You can also just pop in and we’ll happily speak to you before fitting your car in, at your convenience.

Want to ensure your Porsche is in complete working order?

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