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911 SBD is a Porsche garage in North London but it is also more than that, it looks to serve as a centre of Porsche expertise for all Porsche drivers – local or national.  This means a number of things but mainly it means 911 SBD welcomes Porsche drivers, whatever the query might be.

911 SBD North London Porsche garage

Most car garages really only want to see customers when they have a problem with their car.  This is often indicative of the garage’s view of their ‘customers’ – that they are only there to make money from and also, it can often be a reflection of the fact many drivers today only see their cars as a means of transport.  However, 911 SBD have long realised that Porsche cars and drivers are often a breed apart.  911 SBD, as the premium North London Porsche garage, know that Porsche drivers see their cars as something more than just a set of ‘4 wheels’.  Porsche drivers love and treasure their cars, often feeling that their car is an extension of themselves.  This is why 911 SBD are always happy for a Porsche driver to pop by.

North London Porsche garage serving the UK

Whether you have an issue with your Porsche and need it looking it or even if you just want to stop by to see the latest Porsche restoration project 911 SBD are working on, you’re always welcome.  911 SBD is a Porsche garage run by Porsche experts for Porsche enthusiasts.  Because of that, 911 SBD enjoy seeing Porsches and talking to their owners – even if the car doesn’t need any work.  911 SBD is a Porsche garage in North London but are more than happy to help anyone, wherever you’re from in the UK.  911SBD have a racing history and many friends and former competitors, often travel to visit the North London Porsche garage to renew old acquaintances.   So if you need your beloved Porsche looking at by the experts or whether you just want to ask a burning question, pop into 911SBD today to meet fellow Porsche enthusiasts.

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Get in touch with the experts at 911 SBD on 0208 208 0464 or via our online contact form to make an appointment

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911 SBD is a London based Porsche specialist working in repairs, services and sales.


911 SBD

911 SBD are experts in all things Porsche including sales, repairs, servicing and restoration. Get in touch on 0208 208 0464 or via our contact form.



Our team are experienced experts spending 25 years in the business having been established in 1989.


Thanks to our personalised service you can keep up to date with what is going on with your Porsche whenever you like.


Professionalism is key at 911 SBD and our passion for Porches allows us to offer an unmatched car repair service.

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