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911 SBD operate an individual, unique service as a Porsche garage in London which helps to set us apart from the competition.  When you need a Porsche specialist in London it can be all too easy to simply go to an actual, official Porsche garage in the thinking that they will be able to help you no matter what the problem and while this can the case, there are a number of considerations to make before doing so.

Differences as a Porsche garage in London

Firstly, there are the obvious financial implications of using a branded, official Porsche garage for your Porsche repairs in London.  Like many so called ‘premium services’, you really are paying for the privilege of using a branded service provider.  When you consider that the mechanics who work in our Porsche garage in London are fully trained Porsche mechanics and have years of experience in Porsche racing events, then it is clear to see their skill set is equal, if not better, than that of those who work in an ‘official’ Porsche garage.  Where your money is going is actually paying for the margin which official Porsche garages have to make on their services, so you’re paying for overheads and profit margins that a multi-national company must make.

Secondly, you would expect an official Porsche garage in London to be able to service your car – no matter what the issue.  However, there are occasions when an official Porsche garage either does not have the required skill set to fix the issue or the garage does not have the equipment needed.  In either case it can result in your car being ‘outsourced’ to a different garage, elsewhere, to get fixed.  This means the people you met when you dropped your car off – those that gave you their guarantees regarding the car and issue – are not the ones who ultimately fix your car.  At 911 SBD we have both the skill set and the equipment to fix everything in-house.  Your car never leaves our garage once it becomes our responsibility and the people you meet are the ones working on it.  Trust and confidence, two key things 911 SBD inspire in our clients.

Use us as your Porsche garage in London

So with these two key benefits it really does make sense to use 911 SBD when you are looking for a Porsche garage in London.  Tailor making a package to suit your financial needs and making sure you are kept informed throughout your cars stay in our garage are two fundamental activities we actively implement.  If you need a Porsche garage in London then contact us on 0208 208 0464, online or use social media and we’ll arrange for you bring your car into us.


911 SBD is a London based Porsche specialist working in repairs, services and sales.


911 SBD

911 SBD are experts in all things Porsche including sales, repairs, servicing and restoration. Get in touch on 0208 208 0464 or via our contact form.



Our team are experienced experts spending 25 years in the business having been established in 1989.


Thanks to our personalised service you can keep up to date with what is going on with your Porsche whenever you like.


Professionalism is key at 911 SBD and our passion for Porches allows us to offer an unmatched car repair service.

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