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Diagnosing a problem with a Porsche is not always obvious to the naked eye, and occasionally we need to take a closer look. As vehicles become more hi-tech they increasingly rely on in-built computers to ensure owners really get the most out of their car. After all, a Porsche is more than just a car and is more than a way to simply get from A to B.

Porsche Diagnostic Services

As with any area of a car, problems can arise with the in-built computer. Repairing and fixing these problems requires a professional Porsche diagnostic service. Using a state of the art computer we can diagnose whatever the problem is that is being flagged up by the car’s computer.

At 911 SBD we provide Porsche diagnostics in London for any age or model of car. We use our professional experience as Porsche mechanics teamed with our modern technology to find the problem, and then we fix it.

Arrange Porsche Diagnostics in London

If your car’s computer is flagging up a problem and you need help diagnosing the cause and to make the repairs, get in touch. Our team at 911 SBD is diverse and therefore we are able to cover a broad range of services and repairs .

Contact us today on 0208 208 0464 to arrange for Porsche diagnostics in London for your car, or to speak to a member of the team about other services.

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