New 911 GT3 R – Porsche

Porsche has launched its new 911 GT3 R. Replacing the existing model, the 911 GT3 R was launched on Friday at Nurburgring.

Key Features of the 911 GT3 R

  • The car is based around the GT3 RS.
  • It has a direct injection, four litre, flat-six engine.
  • To create greater weight distribution balance, Porsche has optimised the car’s centre of gravity.
  • The cooling system is well protected if a front-end collision were to occur.
  • To keep the car’s weight to a minimum, the front bodywork, doors, roof and tail section are made from carbon-composites.
  • The 911 GT3 R is priced at approximately £310,000.
  • Customers can expect the vehicle to be theirs from December.

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