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London Porsche garages used to be quite rare as, at one point, only bankers and the famous could afford to buy Porsches. However, as people’s personal wealth started to increase and more Porsches were sold, the number of London Porsche garages also increased accordingly. Now, when you want a London Porsche garage, there is a wide range of choice.

Choosing the right London Porsche garage can be quite tricky though. What do you rely on – referrals from friends, a garage with specialist Porsche mechanics and authentic parts or a garage with a Porsche pedigree? Why not rely on one with all of those and more besides.

Offering more as a London Porsche Garage

911 SBD have a history in Porsche racing, having sent teams into numerous competitions and events – including the GT Cup. This experience proves invaluable when then running a specialist Porsche garage. Racing experience translates surprisingly well into the garage as it means we have the experience to make on the spot assessments regarding problems and repairs and also, we have a wealth of contacts ‘in the industry’ which means we can source parts quickly and efficiently – whatever the problem or the model.

Cheaper prices because we’re a London Porsche Garage

With the racing experience it means our mechanics are trained in, dedicated to and specialise in, purely Porsches. We don’t work on any other cars so when you bring your Porsche to us, you know the mechanics are only thinking one thing -‘Porsche’. With specialist mechanics and authentic Porsche car parts, the only thing that differs between 911 SBD and an ‘official’ Porsche garage is the price. Because we don’t run a Porsche showroom, where often a garage is attached, we don’t have the overheads to cover that a Porsche dealership does. This means we can offer a more competitive price which ultimately only serves to benefit the customer.

So, is choosing a London Porsche garage that tricky after all? No, it shouldn’t be – use 911 SBD as your Porsche specialist garage in London and you’ll quickly find a trusted, professional Porsche garage which offers you everything need – and more.

Contact us today or drop by, we are always happy to hear from fellow Porsche fans!

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