Independent Porsche Garage in London

As an independent Porsche garage in London we know what our customers are looking for – trust, honesty, hard work and a fair price. These are the things that underpin our work a 911 SBD and that make us different from many other Porsche garages.

Benefits of an Independent Porsche Garage in London

With official Porsche dealerships there can be a number of concerns when taking your car in for a service. Not least of these concerns is often the price as everyone knows big brands answer to their shareholders and require the company to turn over a profit. With an independent Porsche garage in London, such as ourselves, you know that they are operating to provide an excellent customer service because thats the only way we can survive.

As part of our customer service we make sure any prices quoted are accurate and run past the customer before any work is started. This is as a result of not only having the experience to know what work is required but also, because we have long standing relationships with many authentic Porsche parts suppliers. These relationships allow us to maintain prices and therefore, offer the customer the most competitive prices possible.

Flexibility of an Independent Porsche Garage in London

To compete as an independent Porsche garage in London we know we have to offer more than just the best prices, we have to offer excellent customer service from start to finish and we do. From the initial enquiry, whether it is via the phone, email or social media, your query will be handled quickly and efficiently. This could be anything from need a simple piece of advice right through to discussing exactly what our famed 119 point service entails. Whatever it is, we are happy to help.

Use us as your independent Porsche garage in London and find out why we are London’s premier independent Porsche garage. Please call us on 0208 208 0464, contact us online or use social media and we’ll do everything we can to make you happy.

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