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Ensuring your Porsche is in tip top condition is important, especially if you want it to drive as new for as long as possible. Regular checks and services can make all the difference to your Porsche; not only are problems picked up and fixed before turning into something that leaves you without your Porsche for a few days, but also everything is checked to make sure your Porsche is safe.

If you are looking for a Porsche service in London, you have come to the right place. Along with our other services we also provide Porsche servicing of all models.

Types of Porsche Service in London

We have categorised our Porsche servicing in London into two services, a minor Porsche service and a major Porsche service.

Minor Porsche service in London – Our minor service is carried out by a trained technician and covers all the key areas of your car. Any repairs that need to be made are completed on site by professionals and all replacement parts are top quality.

Major Porsche service in London – Our major service includes everything the minor service does plus the changing of air filters and pollen filters, clearing of drainage channels and a complete car wash and clean.

At 911 SBD we understand that Porsches are designed to be out on the road and therefore to check the condition of your Porsche further we complete the service with a final test drive to confirm your car is good to go. The test drive covers areas such as remote control, clutch, engine, transmission, braking, park assist and a whole host of other elements.

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