Classic Porsche Restoration

Among our wide range of services is one we really, really enjoy undertaking and that is a classic Porsche restoration. Though it is not as common as other services such as Porsche servicing, insurance repair or Porsche diagnostics, it provides something a little bit different for us to sink our teeth in to.

Owning a Porsche brings with it a legacy of cars that have gone before and many of us still prefer some of the older, classic Porsche models. However, with anything that is a little older it can begin to wear down and look, and feel, its age.

Our classic Porsche restoration service varies from a full restoration to a minor part change and can restore your car back to how you want it.

Professional Classic Porsche Restoration

All classic Porsche restoration projects are different and therefore we take the time to meet with you, asses your vehicle and together it is possible to decide on the work to be done, taking into account our professional opinion and your specific requirements.

There are many benefits that come with owning an expertly restored Porsche and besides the obvious of having a car that looks the part; it will also feel the part. Owning a classic Porsche that drives well is one request we hear often from our customers and Porsche restorations allow for a complete vehicle overhaul meaning many of the problem’s that crop up with classic Porsches can be prevented before they become an issue.

911 SBD’s Porsche Restoration Service

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