Any problem with your Porsche’s brakes spells trouble and you should visually check them every six months.

The braking system is made up of brake discs (connected to the wheel or axel) and brake pads (mounted on a calliper). The pad is forced against the disc causing friction and slowing the wheel.

Check your brake discs’ surfaces all the way round for any scoring or defects. Discolouration might mean overheating, which Porsches are prone to, and a Porsche professional should be consulted.

You can avoid the expense of replacing discs with a brake service. Bring your car into our workshop and our state-of-the-art machinery will resurface your discs at a fraction of the cost.

If you find any wear, breakage or cracking on your pads replace them immediately, along with brake sensors if your car has them.

A ‘spongy’ brake pedal might be down to sticking callipers, worn pads, low fluid or hydraulic problems.
Check the condition of your brakes by ear. Listen for anything out-of-the-ordinary compared to the usual sound of your brakes.

Squeaking or rhythmic noises might mean problems with pads or discs, while a constant sound means serious problems.

Don’t delay to get your car seen to if anything sounds or looks amiss.

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