119 Point Check For Your Porsche

To make sure your Porsche is in complete working order book it in for a 119 Point Check.  The 119 Point Check has been designed by 911 SBD with your Porsche in mind; it will leave you knowing that your Porsche is running perfectly and everything is in great working order.

Our 119 Point Check for your Porsche offers a complete inspection both inside and out in line with the high standards set out by Porsche.

What is a 119 Point Check?

A 119 Point Check is a thorough once-over of your Porsche; the aim is to ensure everything is running as it should be and that the vehicle has no faults.

A 119 Point Check includes:

Maintenance: Service history check, mileage discrepancies, odometer tampering and a manual and booklet check.

Fluids, Capacities and Battery: Checks of the engine, transmission and all fluid levels.

Lights, Switches and Accessories: Checks of all lights, switches and accessories including ignition, exterior lights, interior lights, windshield wipers, washer system operation as well as computer readout and memory faults.

Road Test: Checks of all remaining features of the vehicle including brake efficiency, transmission gear change, clutch operation, electronic stability, navigation systems, cruise control functions, seat belts, air conditioning, vehicle handling, heating systems, engine online and wheel drive operation – plus more.

As you can see, our 119 Porsche Check really does cover every aspect of how your Porsche works and runs.

Want to ensure your Porsche is in complete working order?

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